Family Testimonials

There is nothing more rewarding than hearing all of the positive feedback from families who attend our centres. 


Such a wonderful daycare centre. Luca loves going each day and always has a wonderful day there. Learns so much and has made lots of friends. I was so nervous about leaving my son to go back to work but all the staff are very loving and caring and have made it such an easy transition for both of us. Couldn’t have asked for anything more! Thank you AppleBerries! Certainly a “home away from home”.

~ A Wise ~

We are so pleased to have been welcomed with open arms into the centre! It’s such a hard decision to make the right choice to find a good fit centre willing to work with you as a parent. The director of this centre is amazing so warm and welcoming. The staff have already shown me as a parent what I wanna see, having worked in child care and seen many environments I’m so happy we have found one that suits our family. Looking forward to sharing many memories in the future!!!!

~ K Muir-Stokesv ~

If your after a fantastic childcare that feels welcoming! Homely! I am a parent at this centre and all the staff are amazing. Caring. Happy. Welcoming and the director is 1 in a million always willing to help out and very approachable. She is amazing. The owner Terry is fantastic. The children are always happy! 
I would recommend this centre to any other centre in the area. 
If you are looking for a new centre please check this one out 1st.
You won't be disappointed

~ N Hotzer ~

Very happy with this child care provider and it's staff, the staff actively engages with us frequently to ensure that our child receives the right attention and skills at his level, in other words, the staff actually care about our child and his needs. Couldn't be happier with the service.

~ B Spaulding ~

The staff are so lovely and helpful. The centre is lovely and clean, my child loves coming to Kindy every week

~ L Stevens ~

We have loved our 4 years at the centre! The staff are Amazing! The facilities are great and that back yard is the best part of my girls day! Thanks for looking after Alyssa like your own! Kinda sad she's moving onto prep next year.

~ A Gaske ~

Great centre and awesome team! Love the direction the centres heading in!

We've been at the centre for a few years now and with my son starting Prep next year I'm proud to say the team have helped shape him into the boy he is today.
Thanks for all the hard work guys.

~ C Egan ~

Very happy with the staff and service I get for my 2yr old. She is happy and asks every morning if we can go to school!

~ J Engellenner ~