Outdoor Fun and Learning

Outdoor Fun and Learning

posted : 10/Dec/2018

There has been lots of fun and outdoor activities at AppleBerries Early Education Service Beenleigh.

The third teacher

The outdoor environment acts as a third teacher. Here at AppleBerries Beenleigh we pride ourselves in our outdoor environment and the opportunities it provides the children in our care. Miss Lesley is often found with the children picking fresh herbs or cherry tomatoes. These learning experiences demonstrate that children can learn about sustainable lifestyles within the educational setting.


Getting Creative

Getting creative in a different way. With the children’s art pieces made from chalk on the outside walls from a previous day, we continue with our artist hands and use water and paint brushes to go over the chalk and recreate some new arts of work.

The children talked with each other about what they were drawing and who they were drawing, they were able to share the buckets of water and helped each other make giant art works.


Sensory Playdough

Using sensory playdough, the children sat on a mat playing with playdough at the same time they added sticks, dirt and other things on the ground to their playdough.


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