Don't Settle For Second Best

Don't Settle For Second Best

posted : 30/Apr/2019

Don't settle for second best when it comes to childare!

No parent should settle for second best when it comes to their child’s early learning journey and childcare environment. If you’re not 100% happy with your current childcare provider know that it is never too late to enrol your little one into a childcare centre that is the perfect fit for your family. If you’re not sharing wonderful stories with fellow parents about your kid’s amazing centre and shouting their name from the rooftop, then take a minute to assess if your current childcare provider is meeting yours and your little one's needs. 

Continuity of Educators:

Continuity of educators is very important for children.  If there is a revolving door of educators your little one could suffer.  Frequent staff turnover can indicate that something is not working in the management structure of the centre. Not only does this disrupt your child’s learning and development but it can negatively impact you as a parent.  You do not have to nor should you accept a revolving door of staff.

Educator Honesty and Feedback:

As your childcare provider is an extension of your family, open and honest communication is essential. You need to have a foundation of trust and engage in frequent and open dialogue with your child’s educators and Centre Director. Educators have a duty of care to inform you if your child is facing any challenges or difficulties and you need to be confident that your child’s educational carers are and will initiate these conversations if and when required. Do you trust that your centre is providing honest, open and constructive feedback to you?

Sincere and Positive Interactions: 

A child’s desire and excitement to go to their early learning centre and interact with their educators and friends should be a given. This behaviour, and actions like wanting to make homemade Christmas or Birthday cards for their friends or teacher, demonstrates that your little one is building sincere relationships and having positive interactions with those that they’re surrounded by. Is your child excited to go to daycare? If not, find out why.

Owner and Management Contact: 

The difference between a corporate-owned centre in a large group and a privately-owned childcare facility is significant. Neither operation is right or wrong, but what you want should matter. Knowing and having the ability to approach and talk to the Centre Director should be a given. Their friendly face should be just as familiar to you and your child as their educator. With a privately-owned centre, you should also have the ability to communicate with the owner if required. Do you know who owns your centre and can you talk to them if you desire?

Family Feel:

Childcare centres are in the business of family. If you don’t feel like your current childcare centre is an extension of your family, then maybe they’re not the right fit for you and your little one.  Don’t accept second best, if you have any niggling feeling that something is not right, bring it up with your current centre so they can address the issues or move on to another centre.  Your little one is too important to accept anything less.

At AppleBerries Early Education Service, our mission is to profoundly enrich the lives of our children and our families. We do this by providing continuity of educators, adopting open and honest communication with parents and caregivers. Our interactions are always positive and sincere, we make ourselves, our management team and owner available whenever you need us, and we are deeply vested in your child’s happiness and early learning development. 


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