The Importance of Kindergarten

The Importance of Kindergarten

posted : 22/May/2019

Starting school is a huge step in the learning journey of a child and Kindergarten acts as the first step to ensuring a smooth transition into big school. In this setting, your child is observed and scaffolded by Approved Early Childhood Teachers to determine and ensure that he or she is entirely ready to commence school.

As we talk to parents in the community, we find that many are unaware of the proven benefits that come from a child’s participation in an approved Kindergarten Program.

Why is Kindergarten so important?

Kindergarten is a critical learning stage and the importance of this should never be underestimated. It is the learning phase of cognitive growth, it is the time that your child’s interests reach the highest peak and develop in various directions. Kindergarten will help your little one to grow emotionally, mentally and physically, it gives them the tools and confidence to get the best out of their schooling years. 

Kindy is not just about academic learning and preparation, it assists children with learning how to articulate what they want and how to organize thoughts and ideas, manage their emotions and personal relationships. Kindergarten establishes and builds on these skills, and your child will continue to rely upon and evolve these foundations throughout their adolescent and adult life.  Without this essential learning stage, your little one could be left at a disadvantage and instead of enjoying what is to come, they will prove to have challenges throughout their schooling journey. 

Why is AppleBerries Kindergarten program unique?

At AppleBerries Early Education Service, our educators facilitate kindergarten by providing developmentally appropriate learning environments, thought-provoking recourses and giving children adequate time to explore, investigate, risk take, interact and play while making their learning journey easy and fun.

As a result, a curious disposition towards learning is born as your child’s positive self-concept continues to grow. Our Kindergarten program offers opportunities for your child to build resilience and independence, make friends and discover their love of learning.

Throughout the kindy year, our early learning educators will assess your child and build a curriculum and plan that prepares them for school. We run an approved kindergarten program that meets the government curriculum guidelines.  Our educators take the time to identify your child’s needs and goals such as cognitive development, social development, emotional development, communication and self-care. 

If your child does not meet the required level of development, or they don’t attend kindergarten to improve these skills, it’s probable that they won’t be accepted into big school or that we recommend a second year of kindergarten.

Set your child up for success

All children deserve the right to access and benefit from a kindergarten program that aims to facilitate success at big school.  School readiness is essential for all children and we are here to help them successfully embark on that learning journey. 

If you would like to learn more about our Kindergarten program, reach out to us and our Kindergarten Educators will be happy to talk you through the “where to from here?”. 


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