Welcome to AppleBerries Beenleigh Childcare Centre
 23 Yalburu Street, Beenleigh, 4207

Welcome To AppleBerries Beenleigh

A childcare centre that is a home away from home.

It is well known that kids will learn and develop in an environment where they feel safe and loved. Apple Berries Early Education Service Beenleigh is just that, our centre is best described as a home away from home for families and their children.

Our centre evokes interactive play, and we spend a lot of time exploring the unique and magnificent outdoor gardens and play stations that assist in the development of motor skills and creative problem-solving. Our backyard is a safe space where children can stimulate their imagination, engage with other children and embrace active and healthy learning.

Collectively, our educators have over 70 years of experience in early learning and they take their time to understand each child.  Our staff use their developmental observations, the children’s interests, and parent conversations to help build progressive goals for the children to ensure that they reach their developmental milestones.

Our Unique Programming

Our program responds to the individual needs of all children.  The program at AppleBerries Early Education Service Beenleigh is based on the Early Years Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten guidelines. It identifies five Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes for all children: 

  • Children have a strong sense of identity 
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world 
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing 
  • Children are confident and involved learners 
  • Children are effective communicators 

Understanding your child and what helps them engage is at the forefront when the educators are observing and planning for the children. 

Allergy Aware and Inclusive 

We are a nut aware centre and cater for all food allergies. As an inclusive centre, all children in the studio that has a child with an intolerance or allergy in the room will eat the same food. There are no segregated tables or eating zones, we simply exclude the allergy-related food entirely from the menu, greatly reducing the risk of the child being exposed to foods that they can't have.

Join Our AppleBerries Family

We take enrolments of babies from just  6 weeks of age to 5-year-old toddlers. We encourage and welcome families to visit us anytime to talk with our educators and tour of our captivating and evolving facility.

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AppleBerries Early Education Service Beenleigh provides care for the following age groups:

Lil' Blossoms Studio: 6 weeks - 2.5 years
Little Possums Studio: 2.5 years - 4 years
Kindergarten Studio: 3 years - 5 years

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Hours of operation

Our hours of operation at AppleBerries Beenleigh are:

Monday - Friday 6:45am - 6:15pm

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