Our Fee Freeze Commitment!

Our Fee Freeze Commitment!

posted : 13/Jul/2018

We recently communicated that we have frozen our fees until July 2019 and this position has not and will not change.  What has occurred since we shared this via our social channels is that several of the large corporate players have announced their fee increases as we understand them, and frankly they are startling.

  • GoodStart:  7.5% average increase across their 649 centres
  • G8 Education:  5.5% average increase across their 516 centres (an extra 43 million in fees over last year)
  • Guardian:  9% average increase across their 110 centres

You have to wonder what all those parents and children will receive for their extra payments?

Although the new Childcare subsidy launched at the beginning of this month boasted that the majority of families would receive more subsidy when compared to the old scheme, our experience indicates that many families are actually worse off under the new Childcare Subsidy.  Adding a substantial fee increase at the same time as these changes can really put the squeeze on budgets and is frankly poor form.

If you are happy with the care you are receiving at your current provider and feel you are getting value for money, that is awesome, stick with them.  If you are scratching your head after all of this and not particularly happy with the care you are receiving, it’s time to take some action and make a change.  Good luck whatever you decide.  We are here if you would like to call in and see us.  You are welcome anytime, no need to book just call in!

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