The Transition to Kindergarten

The Transition to Kindergarten

posted : 27/Nov/2018


The transition to Kindergarten is an important learning milestone.  Kindy acts as a kick start to your child’s education journey. The aim of the Kindergarten program that we provide at AppleBerries is to nurture your child’s natural curiosity and love of learning as they develop into confident and capable individuals, who are ready to embark on their journey into the school system.

Our kindergarten educators at AppleBerries Early Education Service are Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers and we use our pedagogical approach to teaching in conjunction with relevant curriculum documents (Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines) to deliver intentionally designed programs that encompass all aspects of development: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical.

Kindergarten Learning

The kindergarten program that we adopt is child-centered, age appropriate and play based. Our educators facilitate kindergarten learning by providing developmentally appropriate learning environments, thought provoking resources, and giving children adequate time to explore, investigate, risk take, interact and play making their learning easy and fun!

As a result, a curious disposition towards learning is born as your child’s positive self-concept continues to grow. Kindergarten offers opportunities for your child to build resilience and independence, make friends and discover their love of learning!

Your First Kindergarten Drop-Off

The anticipation of first-time kindergarten drop-offs can cause a range of emotions for both you and your little one.  There can be feelings of anxiety, sadness, excitement, happiness, and uncertainty, but for the most part it is the fear of the unknown. At AppleBerries Early Education Service, we work with parents, caregivers and their children to make these morning drop-offs smooth and comfortable for everybody involved.

The long-term benefits of kindergarten attendance outweigh the short-term embodiment of emotions that some families endure. Trust us when we say that your little treasure will adapt quickly and reap the benefits of your willingness to invest in their early education. We believe that this should be a positive time for your family, there is nothing to fear only lots to gain.

In short, those first few kindergarten drop-offs are the beginning of your little one's school readiness and it is something to celebrate.  Of course if your child has been with us through their earlier years, the transition to kindergarten is seamless.

If you’re looking for a kindergarten program that is supportive, fun and lays the foundation for your little one to exceed in their learning journey then contact us at AppleBerries Early Education Service for enrolment information.


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