Single Parent or Superhero?

Single Parent or Superhero?

posted : 29/Nov/2018


In this modern day, family units come in all shapes and sizes, they vary so much and not one family is any more normal than the other.  However, some family structures can have more life challenges than others. Let’s take single parenting as an example. In Australia, the 2016 Census report noted that were 959,000 single parent families recorded, that is approximately 10.4% of households.  

When you consider the day-to-day challenges any family faces with raising a child, you can imagine that doing it alone and not having a support network can be tough, and a trying time for some single parents and their children. 

Our team of educators at AppleBerries Early Education Service see single parents as superhero's! Some of us are or have walked in your shoes or we know people that have. Our hats go off to those who for the most part have tackled and managed the parenting journey alone. You are hands down, the best multi-tasker there is, and we believe that you need to reflect and commend yourself on how magical you are, especially through the eyes of your little one. You are the one constant in your child's world. You are their shoulder to cry on, the laughter they share, the warmth they breath and the superhero they look up to, now and forever.  

We also know the honest reality of parenting and raising a child alone can surfaces a range of challenges. Something important to consider, regardless of what parenting stage you’re at, is that there is support available and utilising these support networks does not make you any less of a superhero. It simply, allows for you to be the best parent you can be and help build a foundation that is best for you and your child.  

Single Parent Support 

There are a huge number of resources available to help support single parents including community groups, online forums and government programs. We have provided a list of websites that may be of help to yourself or someone you may know who is taking on and embracing the single parent or as we like to say, the superhero lifestyle.  

The parenting journey is different for everybody and every family, the important learning is that you’re supported when and if needed. At AppleBerries Early Education Service, we offer early drop-offs and late pick-ups to help families juggle parenthood. 

The next time you need to describe or disclose your family unit or parental status, draw a line through ‘single parent’ and identify yourself as a ‘Superhero’ because that’s who we believe you are!  


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