From the cot to the bed

From the cot to the bed

posted : 23/Feb/2019

It’s inevitable that your child will need to move from their safe, contained cot into a big person bed. This is an exciting milestone! Some kids take the transition like a duck to water, but for others, it’s not so seamless and it can really shake up the bedtime routine. 

This changeover can be prompted by a range of circumstances. Sometimes this is timed with toilet training, or when your little one strategizes and perfect escape and learns to climb out of their cot, only to find them standing over your bed I the middle of the night. Perhaps the transition is initiated by a new baby that’s on the way, or your toddler has older siblings who are desperately wanting to share a room. 

Whatever the reason, the move from the cot to the bed is something that all parents experience. 

When is the right time to transition from a cot to a bed?

It is difficult to say when is the right time as other situations may dictate the timing. It’s common that many parents start to consider the transition when their little one is around 18 months old.  Intuitively, parents will make the decision when it is right for the family. 

Tips on making the move from the cot to the bed

  1. Don’t rush the process. Start talking about it with your little one in a context that makes them excited about the change.
  2. Choose the bed and linen together. Allow them to think that this is just as much their decision as it yours.
  3. Introduce the new bed with a daytime nap for the first few days or weeks, depending on how your child adapts to the new sleeping arrangement.
  4. Positioning the big bed in the same spot as the cot can help while leaving the rest of the bedroom the same 
  5. Give praise and positive reinforcement during the transition 

Big bed safety

With any environmental change within the home, you always want to ensure that safety comes first particularly in this instance where your child is moving from a contained cot to an open bed. Be sure to review the following:

  1. Windows have locks and cannot be opened by your little one
  2. It is recommended that curtain and blind cords are 1.6m off the ground
  3. Attach draws and other heave bedroom furniture to the wall to prevent it from tipping over
  4. Consider bed rails to provide extra security, especially if your little one moves a lot in their sleep 
  5. Install a baby gate in their doorway. This will give you peace of mind that they are safe in their bedroom

Moving from the cot to a big bed is often a parent’s realisation that their baby isn’t a baby anymore. Enjoy this experience and milestone and wish your little one the sweetest of dreams in their new big bed.

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